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It’s time to have a complete and totally free store, selling to Brazil and 10 other countries via easy exports!¹

How it works

Free shop, full service.

Display your products for free on Ticketbras, like on any other Marketplace, but here… you can sell to Europe, Asia and North America too!¹


We display your products throughout the site and also on social networks, giving you that strength when it comes to increasing sales and the scale of your business.

No monthly fee

We do not charge hidden fees or offer unnecessary services. Everything here focused on sales performance.

Big Ticket

Here the average sales ticket is higher, allowing you to create innovative products and even more quality.

Made in Brazil

Made in Brazil by Brazilians, the Ticketbras store is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to sell abroad in the future.

Easy Export ¹

By becoming a Vendor¹, you can ship orders internationally.

A lot more...

It doesn’t matter if it’s handicraft or if it’s an industrial product, you can start selling now.


Advertised, sold.

More than a common store, you are about to open a franchise (autonomous store) without having to invest a penny.

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¹Overseas sales by invitation only