Ticketbras is from Brazil

We believe in local communities

Since 2017, we have been working in an ecosystem that allows us to suggest the replacement of items with a high environmental impact for similar ones made by hand by communities in Brazil and the world.

Craft or electronic?

At least 30% of our stock will always be handmade items.

We suggest alternatives

Whenever possible, our algorithm suggests equivalent natural products.

Conscious consumption

If there are no alternatives for the chosen product, we will reduce the impact.

At Ticketbras, only items with lesser environmental impact are chosen. Unfortunately, a considerable part of technology items do not have similar ones. Still, we found solutions.

Reducing the impact of an irreplaceable item (such as a smartphone) is only possible when we select products that consume less energy, that do not have heavy or toxic materials. In addition, the reduction is also possible when we eliminate the additional packaging, the physical manual and the conscious choice of the type of freight.

In other areas, similar products are easily found. In the case of fashion, we substitute products made by hand in various parts of the world. The main concern in the case of fashion is not about similar items, but mainly about the quality of life of those who produce them.

In addition to preserving the environment, the choice of items sold at Ticketbras must observe Human Rights, workers’ rights, the place of production and several other factors.

Buying at Ticketbras is choosing between responsibly selected items.

Producing communities

Conscious selection of the offer

Handcrafted products take longer to produce, but their environmental impact is often zero.

We know that no fabric was ever made from a single thread. Working with distant communities that reproduce their culture in livelihoods is important to Ticketbras.

By involving dozens of people in remote locations, some of Ticketbras’ items are unique or have a longer delivery time.

We make a lot of plans on how to develop better products, brands and how to help like-minded people achieve their goals. That’s why we have verified franchises (one by one, believe me), we’ve built more than 7 private labels over the last three years and we’ve developed solutions in Brazil that serve the whole world.

We are proud of our homeland, Brazil, as we love working to build a better country. Today we are medium-sized, with all customers satisfied. Our growth will never be placed above the quality of the services and products we sell.

Your purchase helps people

We select responsible suppliers in remote communities

From Brazil and the World

Small clusters produce sustainable products under fair conditions

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